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Considerations when creating an online course or membership site

This is a video I made to summarize the basic considerations when you want to create a membership or “courseware” site using WordPress. The key here is this:

* Almost nobody will tell you about most of this

That’s kind of funny, right? But it’s true. In the real world, there are a series of major considerations I have come across in the real world. Planning for them may save you a lot of frustration later on.

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A guide to delegating

Delegating is hard; yet it is the crossover point in your business, between being having to “wear all hats” (no matter how poorly they fit), and starting to take the freedom of doing what you are good at, and letting others do other parts of the work. Here is a highly distilled, step-by-step practical guide on how to delegate effectively.

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Phones for minimalism

This is a beautiful movement. As we become more and more aware that more is not always better, people have begun to innovate in the other direction, by asking: How can we do less? As all productivity folks (or, spiritual teachers) have pointed out, our attention is a critical resource. The mind’s temptation to expend attention everywhere only dissipates…

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TimThumb vs. add_image_size() for Responsive Images

Personal notes here. Using jQuery Picture for dynamically selecting which size of an image to load in which case. It’s awesome. You wrap your image an an HTML5 element, and give it data-* attributes for different @media query  breakpoints (that’s how responsive-ness works), and it intelligently loads the image for that breakpoint. As the default image, you…

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Happy Birthday WP!

A fun little “happy birthday” video showing Strayhorn (WordPress 1.5), which was the version when I started working with WordPress.

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All Horses Are Red: WordPress CSS for Everyone

    CSS is the formatting language of the web. If it’s mysterious to you, it needn’t be! No longer do you have to be beholdin’ to the whims of web developers—learn what this CSS thing is all about, and how YOU can apply it with simple techniques that can transform the look of your…

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80 Active Plugins—No Problem! (Bring 'em on.)

Faith Goble via Compfight Brian Krogsgard (@krogsgard): Are more plugins a bad thing? Versus fewer plugins? Pippin Williamson (@pippinsplugins): No—not at all! I run about 80 plugins on each of my sites. Brian Krogsgard: It’s a common myth, in the community, though. Pippin Williamson: Absolutely. My sites are my livelihood. 80 plugins doesn’t bother me…

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme market has grown and grown over the past few years. There are many great themes out there, but many customers find themselves disappointed, because they didn’t know what to expect, or get what they thought they were getting. This slide show gives you a roadmap to follow, to help you make better…

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