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Decentralizing gig economies

Today I read a really interesting article about creating the Decentralized Web. The people pursuing the idea are seeking to extricate themselves from the hyper-aggregation of data and digital power in the hands of companies like Google and FaceBook. But this got me thinking about an idea I’ve been rolling around for a while. I’ve been…

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Where the moon has come out

We have walked away from the dinner table where they were all talking about all the terrible things you had to do just to survive. In the back yard, we have started a small bonfire, and begun to sing songs around it, as the crickets chirp, and the moon comes out.

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Thoughts on Expert Systems

Thoughts on the advantages of expert systems. Optimal wetware/software interfaces, but with learning curves. Problems with learning (you become estranged from the hardness for naive users, but at the same time, you become very fast).

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Felt Upper And Lower Bounds As A Way Of Setting Sliding Scale

Thoughts in a felt way to set a sliding scale, based on feel. Finding a middle ground between a pure capitalist “we each try to just get the most we possibly can” mindset, and some sort of limiting poverty viewpoint that constrains our freedom and movement.

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