I can’t read the ant text of your email on my iPhone.


So much we are crafting our careful email on our full-size computer; we are then reviewing our careful email on the full-size computer; and 75% of our readers are looking at them on a smartphone.

Here is the problem:


I have tried to make the dimensions here comparable to what I see on my small iPhone.

In contrast, here are two great examples:

I recognize that lots of email programs probably still have legacy templates designed before the age of smartphones (which is sad), but we have to make sure that our emails are legible on one.

In fact, making your email super-easy to read on a phone (including subject heading, and all the elements), makes it something almost fun to read while you are waiting for a bus, or standing in line at a Starbucks. In this sense it is an opportunity: Mobile design has to be stripped down to bare essentials. No cute sidebars or distracting pictures. Mostly just simple, well-written text.