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Why did THIS popover work for me?

By Chris / December 24, 2019 /

Given that I just wrote about how annoying it is to get email signup popovers earlier that day, it struck me as odd that this one “worked” for me. When I saw this, I somehow wanted it, and did not feel annoyed by it in the same way. Now, I’m sure this is personal, but…

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Hey there pretty lady, whaddya talk about I call you sometime?

By Chris / December 23, 2019 /

Some years ago, internet marketers decided it would be very clever start pushing large forms in people’s faces that ask them to sign up for an email newsletter. These are called “popovers”, and can be programmed to appear at different moments when someone is visiting your site. The obvious core idea is: You have this…

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I can’t read the ant text of your email on my iPhone.

By Chris / December 22, 2019 /

So much we are crafting our careful email on our full-size computer; we are then reviewing our careful email on the full-size computer; and 75% of our readers are looking at them on a smartphone. Here is the problem: and… I have tried to make the dimensions here comparable to what I see on my…

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Dubsado: The emotional moat can be the essential ingredient for a company

By Chris / December 20, 2019 /

The makers of Drift published a great little book called This Won’t Scale. Play #8 in this was Build an Emotional Moat Around Your Brand. The author goes on to talk about “crafting a consistent story” and every “touchpoint” being part of that—which is all good, but still sounds a little mechanical, if you ask…

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Creating a Structure to Nurture and Share Our Work

By Chris / August 19, 2017 /
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Don’t Be an Uninformed Website Consumer

By Chris / July 12, 2017 /
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3 Big Website Money Wasters

By Chris / July 9, 2017 /
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How to Hire a “Web Designer”

By Chris / July 6, 2017 /
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4 Things About Your Website You May Want to Consider

By Chris / July 3, 2017 /
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The right tool for the job: how to choose your marketing channel intelligently

By Chris / July 2, 2017 /

Knowing what type of thing to post where can help you make sense of the whole social media thing, and construct your own content roadmap. In this part 1 of a series, we’ll look at the nature of different forms of social media, to start to see how they inform what you should put there. This takes some of the mystery out of the whole thing, so you can make a plan that makes sense to you.

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