What it's like to work with Chris...


I knew I needed a website but wasn’t quite sure how to best represent myself. Chris is a creative thinker and had a variety of frameworks and tools to help me clarify who my clients were, what their needs are and how that matched with what I wanted to offer. Chris did a great job working with an artist to build a site that truly represents my brand and what I stand for at the same time articulates what I offer and how it meets real needs of real people.

—Todd Erickson, Collaboration Arts

Akilah "Kiki" Monifa

Chris helped me to understand programming speak. We had lunch and he listened to what I thought I wanted and helped find a solution that worked for me and ARISE 2.0. He also helped me think long term too rather than just a quick solution.

—Akilah "Kiki" Monifa, Editor-in-Chief ARISE 2.0

We are so grateful to Chris for his help with our business website! His work was excellent and speedy and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. But the best part is that Chris sat down with us for a few hours—he is a patient, clear teacher—and left us with the ability to update and add to our site as our business grows and evolves. We feel empowered and grateful and highly recommend Chris and his work.

—Eve Pearlman, co-founder, Spaceship Media

Chris rescued us when we were in a bad jam, and he did it with compassion and consummate ease. But more than that, he has guided us forward in a way that is so empowering. After a few sessions with him we feel able to steer our own ship, with the ability to still turn to him for specialized assistance.

We feel so empowered, it's crazy!

—Jeremy Hay, co-founder, Spaceship Media


Chris is a creative thinker, with good design skills, good technical skills, and the ability to pick up new technologies easily. He thrives in new situations, likes to be challenged, and can produce high-quality work quickly.

—John Bigby, Autodesk

“I highly recommend Christopher for all web design needs. He was able to extract exactly what I needed for a simple webpage for my business. I am super pleased with his superior talent in finding the perfect way to present my capabilities. I'm very happy with the results.”

—Susan Schambeck,  Norton Labs

“Chris is an expert in WordPress. I felt like I was in the presence of a real master. He's definitely done his 10,000 hours! He also had very good intuition on the audience we were micro-targeting and worked expeditiously and with great care. I will definitely work with him again. More mission-oriented for-profits and non-profits will realize value in partnering with Chris.”

—Luke Pustejovsky, CEO, WISP by iGlass Technology

“My site needed a wordpress doctor and Chris swept in and diagnosed my sites ailments with expertise and care. His knowledge base is one of a kind. I wish I could clone him.”

—Janice Hoffmann, Career & Lifestyle Coaching

“Chris was Johnny on the spot. Very clear understanding of WP and I am very pleased with the the results @ www.LivingInVentura.com”

—Chip Bartley, Salesman in Real Estate

“Christopher did a tremendous job on the revamping of our website, while under-the-gun with a quick deadline. Very easy to work with and able to take on the project with minimal oversight - I got just what I asked for without having to put in too much of my own time and effort. I'd highly recommend Christopher for your website needs, and I plan to use him on an ongoing basis myself.”

Michael Neeley, Author, Coach, Host of Consciously Speaking

“Chris Burbridge is a prodigiously talented WordPress guru. I've known Chris for five years, during which time he has built me twenty WordPress websites--and made them ridiculously easy to manage from one place. He has an inventive approach to site-building, combining themes and plug-ins to create the perfect solution for you. And because he's so calm and unflappable, the whole process of getting your site online is as painless and stress-free as it can possibly be. The other big advantage of working with Chris is that he's always updating his knowledge and upgrading his skills. WordPress is a constantly evolving platform, and Chris keeps abreast of what's happening in the developer community. He checks out new plug-ins that add useful new functionalities, and tests them for robustness and stability before integrating them into your website. If you're looking to move your small or medium-sized business online--or if you're already online, but wish you could easily revise your content yourself (doing things like changing prices or adding special offers) without having to call someone for help--Chris Burbridge is the person to call. He's an engaging fellow with great insights about human psychology, a sound grasp of business practices, and a great attitude. He's also a wonderful source of sound (and jargon-free) business advice, and he's fun to work with.”

—David Graham, Writer

“I hired Chris in Oct 2010 to build a completely new WordPress site on a very tight deadline. From the onset, Chris was consistent and reliable in staying in communication and demonstrated superlative listening skills. I really felt he understood the project on a deep level and was committed to bringing the concept to light in the way it needed to be done.

In working with Chris, it became increasingly clear that his technical knowledge, particularly on WordPress, is comprehensive. He was also able to explain technical aspects to me (a non-technical person) so that I could easily grasp his ideas.

When we encountered any kind of challenge in building the site, Chris was tenacious and professional in his problem solving process.

I ended up with a highly marketable website, with additional (and unexpected) enhancing features, delivered on time, by a provider who clearly takes pride in his work and in maintaining a business reputation for being trustworthy and above standard.”

—Angel LaLiberte, Founder, AChildAfter40.com: Advocacy and Support For Women on the Journey of Later Motherhood.

“One of Chris' greatest gifts is his ability to understand, on a profound level, the inner workings of human beings and of technology. He is a "geek" that easily connects with people, and he weilds his innate skill and knowledge in ways that enhance all involved.”

—Elizabeth Perrachione
Facilitation, Mediation, Writing & Editing

“Chris Burbridge is an excellent programer and visionary. He is a great problem solver and very knowledgable about several different programing platforms. I enjoy working with Chris because he is willing to think outside the box and push boundaries.”

—Nicole Rassmuson, Brand and Communication Design

“Christopher is a warm and intelligent person with spot on marketing abilities. He has the ability to really feel who a person is and what they can offer, capturing their qualities in ways that enable potential customers to feel it too.”

—Elizabeth Perrachione, Facilitation, Mediation, Writing & Editing

“Chris and I worked in the same group, Tech Pubs. I was always impressed with the way Chris would delve in to a new technology as a solution if it was a good fit for the problem he was up against -- with no fear! If he was ever stressed, I didn't notice. With Chris's eye for detail, and his calming and creative nature, he was an asset to the team.”

—Wendy Barton, Computer Software Consultant and Professional

“Chris has an amazing ability for visualizing how best to convert any given pool of content into some other format. His solutions are always well thought out, elegant, and complete. I enjoyed brainstorming with Chris, since he always came up with very practical yet creative solutions.”

—Scott Prentice, Chief Leximator at Leximation, Inc. and CEO at TC Camp

“Chris has an excellent attention to details coupled with an eagerness to fully understand the problem and find the most appropriate, effecient solution. He is an excellent team member, but is also comfortable working on his own. He has a great sense of dedication, ethics, and humor, and I would gladly work with him again in the future.”

—Colleen O'Rourke, Leadership For Highly Intelligent People