Meadow landscape refreshment with sunray and golden bokeh.
Beautiful sunrise in the mountain.

We are at a crossroads. The old systems are crumbling, although their inertia hides it. Everywhere we look, we see the shoots of the new culture. For any one of us who does not want to watch the ship go down, it is up to us to contribute to the birth of a new, life-giving culture. My work is to use the principles of business, alchemized with wisdom to bring forth a new form of prosperity that works for everyone.

I mean to create pools of knowledge around the depth of what is possible, as we co-evolve it, to build a new vision of success that is based on a rich appreciation of our common humanity, and the inherent wealth in human connection and the simple joy of being alive. In a money-centered culture, this also means deeply understanding and working with the principles of business — but using it within a framework that acknowledges the basic interconnectedness of all beings.

Let's go!