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More Prototyping and Iteration Teachings

I before here about the power of iteration and rapid prototyping (rather than just working super hard on stuff and hoping people will like it). Here are a few more references to this topic that I have found super valuable.

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The Psychology of Denial: How People Wrestle with Climate Change

I was meeting with my very clever friend Mira Michelle yesterday, and we were discussing the psychology of coming to terms with something as big and abstract as climate change. I have always been very fascinated with this. And while I don’t have a lot of time to go deep into the subject—and it may…

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The right tool for the job: how to choose your marketing channel intelligently

Knowing what type of thing to post where can help you make sense of the whole social media thing, and construct your own content roadmap. In this part 1 of a series, we’ll look at the nature of different forms of social media, to start to see how they inform what you should put there. This takes some of the mystery out of the whole thing, so you can make a plan that makes sense to you.

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“Multipotentialite” means your wandering mind is valuable

I happened upon this TED Talk by Emily Wapnick last night. She talks about being a multipotentialite—someone who loves to learn new things and do a lot of different stuff. That’s me. Maye that’s you? It’s terribly inspiring for those of us who have had a hard time “focusing”—and have often judged ourselves as being…

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