A bold and honest ask


What I love about this is that the design itself says, “we are not afraid to ask first before we send you emails.” People actually get to decide. This was literally on their lead magnet page!

Now, this is on the website for a design company, and so the design elements are very well executed, but there are other things they could do better, of course. “Yes, I’d like to receive marketing emails” is a little weird. Who wants to receive marketing emails? Did they conceive that the only choice was (a) we won’t ask for permission to send anything, or (b) we just want that tiny subset of people as an audience who want to be “marketed to”. You could just as easily wrap the entire dialog box in a promise of providing things that someone really wants.

But what I love is that they are actually asking for permission. I see a lot of opt-in boxes that try and hide this text in tiny grey type—and this sends the message “we are the sorts of people who will trick you when you’re not looking; be on the lookout for that”… so I love that they do not do this!