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WordPress Best Practices Database Published

I just published a WordPress best practices database, here: It’s mainly for my internal use and sharing with colleagues, but I might as well share it with the world, as well.

Über-Simple Project Management Solutions: My Solution

Here is the über-simple solution I have come up with, for the present moment, anyway: Messaging Use Tgethr to create threaded discussions where all the messaging are in one place. This will allow threaded communications with a very minimum of effort, and maximum of utility. I chose this over ThreadBox because, on early inspection, Tgethr […]

Evaluating Different Über-Simple Project Management Solutions

In my ever-evolving attempt to bring the processes of project management and good process, which I learned working at bit software companies like Autodesk, to the day-to-day realities of producing websites for smaller, individual clients, I am going to evaluate a handful of possible tools to help me and my clients communicate. In my ever-evolving […]

Threadbox (was: CC:Betty) article / Project Management Tools

I wasn’t there, but I know that the creators of CC:Betty came to the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup last year, and people liked their new web app, which was designed to take advantage of everyone’s love of email–using it as the foundation for a simple, practical project management tool. The next generation of CC:Betty […]