WordPress Web Design Services

Landing Page Design

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  • Outcome-driven pages designed to be read
  • Brand-focused, clear, and action-oriented
  • Efficient and market centered

Landing pages are designed to direct maximum attention toward a goal; they tend to tell a whole story to a focused audience and direct them to take action.

A home page can also be seen as a landing page—directing the visitor to their purpose as effectively as possible. I work with you quickly and efficiently, to craft messaging, design, and flow towards market-focused outcomes.

Brochure Site Design

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  • Content-focused
  • Audience-engaging
  • Pre-sales tool to be used in conjunction with other marketing methods

A brochure site is designed to highlight your business over a series of pages, giving just the right information to your ideal customer. You may include a blog, email newsletter, or other strategies, combined with useful content to serve as a pre-sales tool, such as an onboarding process.

There is no clear dividing line between "brochure sites" and "landing pages", and your site can be a hybrid of both.

Functional Site Design

  • Membership sites
  • Online course sites (LMS)
  • E-commerce sites

I can craft custom solutions to turn WordPress into just about any type of site to meet your needs. I work by combining native functionality, plugins, and occasional custom code.

But be aware: Every system must be evaluated to account for support and development costs, to be sure we are designing the right system for you. After years of doing this, I always include this kind of consulting first.

100% Mobile-Friendly Responsive Designs


Nowadays, about half of all traffic comes over smartphones, not desktop devices. For this reason, your site must be mobile-friendly. To build a responsive site means to build one whose layout stacks to take account for the narrow screen on your visitor's smartphone—thus requiring only one design for a page, that can adapt to various screen sizes.

The Full Package:
Consultation, Strategy, and Layout

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Unlike many practitioners who are limited to a narrow set of capacities—design versus development; consulting versus implementation—my background over the past twenty plus years allows me to work with you in a dynamic fashion—flipping between disciplines as needed:

  • Business strategy
  • Site branding
  • User experience (UX) and human factors
  • Visual design
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Configuration and setup
  • Web development and IT

I've been building WordPress websites since the platform was two years old—about 12 years. So, I am able to use the platform as a canvas to help you construct your practical, marketing-focused strategy very quickly.

I work with you interactively a lot, because I want you to see how easy it is to use, and empower you as much as I can to know and use the tools of your own site—that is, wherever it makes sense for you to do that.