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WordPress Web Design Services

Landing Page Design

  • Outcome-driven pages designed to be read
  • Brand-focused, clear, and action-oriented
  • Efficient and market centered

Landing pages are designed to direct maximum attention toward a goal; they tend to tell a whole story to a focused audience and direct them to take action.

A home page can also be seen as a landing page—directing the visitor to their purpose as effectively as possible. I work with you quickly and efficiently, to craft messaging, design, and flow towards market-focused outcomes.

Brochure Site Design

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  • Content-focused
  • Audience-engaging
  • Pre-sales tool to be used in conjunction with other marketing methods

A brochure site is designed to highlight your business over a series of pages, giving just the right information to your ideal customer. You may include a blog, email newsletter, or other strategies, combined with useful content to serve as a pre-sales tool, such as an onboarding process.

There is no clear dividing line between "brochure sites" and "landing pages", and your site can be a hybrid of both.

Functional Site Design

  • Membership sites
  • Online course sites (LMS)
  • E-commerce sites

I can craft custom solutions to turn WordPress into just about any type of site to meet your needs. I work by combining native functionality, plugins, and occasional custom code.

But be aware: Every system must be evaluated to account for support and development costs, to be sure we are designing the right system for you. After years of doing this, I always include this kind of consulting first.

100% Mobile-Friendly Responsive Designs


Nowadays, about half of all traffic comes over smartphones, not desktop devices. For this reason, your site must be mobile-friendly. To build a responsive site means to build one whose layout stacks to take account for the narrow screen on your visitor's smartphone—thus requiring only one design for a page, that can adapt to various screen sizes.

Website Blueprint Package



Get a website plan that covers it all: Strategy, technology, branding and marketing, all in one comprehensive, customized plan.

This is the best of my learning from the past 12 years building WordPress websites for small businesses like yours. All distilled into one comprehensive package.

  • Avoid the common mistakes
  • Save a ton of money
  • See the big picture
  • Maximize the potential of your site
  • Hire the right folks

The Full Package: Consultation, Strategy, and Layout

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Unlike many practitioners who are limited to a narrow set of capacities—design versus development; consulting versus implementation—my background over the past twenty plus years allows me to work with you in a dynamic fashion—flipping between disciplines as needed:

  • Business strategy
  • Site branding
  • User experience (UX) and human factors
  • Visual design
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Configuration and setup
  • Web development and IT

I've been building WordPress websites since the platform was two years old—about 12 years. So, I am able to use the platform as a canvas to help you construct your practical, marketing-focused strategy very quickly.

I work with you interactively a lot, because I want you to see how easy it is to use, and empower you as much as I can to know and use the tools of your own site—that is, wherever it makes sense for you to do that.