My years of experience in both corporate tech and small business environments have shown me just how much companies invest, with their greatest hopes being a big part of that investment, in new technological solutions.

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Yet, for all the faith we have placed in the technology, we seldom perform the due diligence commensurate with our expenditure, to ensure that our investments have the lasting impact we envision. For this reason, I have grown more and more focused upon training and documentation programs that can help all stakeholders in your organization make the very best use of any technology constructed.

Whether it's a new WordPress-based website, or some other component of your web-based communications technology, I offer full training and documentation programs to complement my website development and consultation efforts.

I have developed and successfully completed numerous training programs for website acquisition in WordPress and other contexts. I would be happy to speak with you about how this sort of training could enhance your investment of time and expense.