Shine  Your  Light Into the World

Write a Webpage that Matters to Someone.

Led by Chris Burbridge, Website Communications Coach

We create results we want for us
by creating effects for someone else that they want.

Giving the gift of our service and care, we can create a business or project that really sings to a group of people, and reaches them.

But we cannot do that when we don’t know who they are,
or are trying to serve everyone at once.

Shine Your Light Into the World is a 5-week program that helps you find your focus, your tribe, your message.

We will walk through a process distilled from Silicon Valley and spiritual practice, communication theory and business wisdom, to create powerful, useful langauge that moves people into action.


Find your core customer...


...then, they can SEE you!


...then, you can HELP THEM easily!


...and LEARN rapidly!



You’ll create

an On-Purpose, Customer-Focused, Action-Centered Landing Page

Increse Your Bookings

When people understand what the offer really is (and why they should care), it makes it easy for them to engage with you.

Get People to Hear You

On your website, or your flier, or in a random conversation at the coffee shop, once you feel confident about what you’re offering, it’s easy to talk clearly about it.

Use Your Money & Time Where It Counts

Speak to the right people, and ignore the rest. Do the right things in the right order, and make a difference.

You’ll get

5 weeks of collective and personal 

Weekly video lectures and readings

Weekly online community & coaching sessions

1 hour individual coaching

Home page review and certification



About Chris Burbridge, Instructor

Chris has worked with vision-centered entrepreneurs and small businesses since 2005. With an integrative marketing-centered approach that emphasizes authenticity and a desire to help, he coaches people to build meaningful things that their customers can relate to, and will want to pay for.

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