A great website is the outcome of a thoughtful process; a key tool in your efforts to create the business you desire.

You deserve to be recognized for your greatest contributions, financially and emotionally.

I help you craft a custom message that lets you shine to the world, and be recognized for your work.

I help visionary leaders (like you!) to bring your best to the world, through coaching in self-branding, and marketing-that-feels-like-you. We then build this into a website and other materials, and I support you in bringing your work proudly and boldly to the world!


More clients; more impact; better relationships; happier worklife.

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Marketing can be a beautiful way to reach the people who need to hear from you. Marketing is about showing up.

Our world right now, badly needs all our best efforts. To be seen and recognized; to show up courageously and be recognized. We want our best work to take root in the world, to help heal it.

Whether you're a consultant, a designer, an entrepreneur, or a small company seeking to do good—I can help you grow in a way that feels authentic. To craft a custom package of outreach that feels natural to who you are. No phoniness. No hiding. No artificiality.

Designer, marketer, coach.

I am a multi-faceted support provider with over two decades of expeience in multiple fields, which I use synergistically. I weave together talents from web design, to coaching, to digital marketing, to strategy. All of it is brought together to do one thing: craft a just-right plan tailored just for you, to reach your audience, and grow your business to the level you desire—to be seen, and have the impact you dream of.


Recognition means impact and income.

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I have a belief that each of us has core gifts we are here to give the world. And that when we are "in our groove," we give them naturally and feel alive in the giving of them. We feel energized by our sense of purpose and commitment. 

And we naturally deserve to be compensated well for that work, as well. When we are in our element, our can be massive and renumeration is a part of that.

Beyond the website.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve found that what 90% of passion- and mission-focused entrepreneurs mean when they say “I need a website” is really a combination of things all at once.

  1. A little business strategy

  2. Some branding

  3. Some marketing

  4. Yes, most likely a website (or other marketing tools)

  5. ...And some support in putting their whole revenue-generating plan into action

I work with you to craft your personal, harmonious, and specific plan, and together, we put it into action, to have the results you are looking for.

Your marketing wants to fit you.

It is always my goal to help you craft an action plan that is the closest to the way you love to work. If you love giving talks, we can craft a plan that leverages that skill. If you like writing, we'll use that. There are many ways to show up, and I help you find and develop ones that seem most natural for you and for the people you want to reach. I encourage you to share authentic, useful information with people who need and want it (there's no "selling", in the old fashioned sense, is needed).

Together, we craft a launch strategy that catapults your results.

Our process together has 7 steps, which evolve to create a holistic and optimal success:


A thoughtful analysis of your exact situation through many lenses.


Learning from customers and competitors.


Developing the impressions you want to lead with.


Deciding best methods for ongoing, authentic outreach.


Crafting the necessary language and imagery.


Putting it all together in website and other media.


Supporting to successfully start your journey in using what we have built.

Collaboration at the core

The core of my work is the collaboration session—a bit of coaching and a bit consulting, I spend a good amount of time working one-on-one with you to craft the work we do together.

“How do I get started?”

If you'd like to explore working with me, I'll be happy to talk with you. The goal is to be super focused on what is going to work for you now; to get away from "shiny object syndrome", always looking for a new gimmick to spread your work, and focus on a solid, stable base of focused messages and practices that you can do each week to get the word out, and build a stable, healthy practice—by focusing on the core of who you are and what you do, and standing out as unique.

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“How can I dip my toe in the water, and just learn a little more?”

I know the territory of marketing, websites, and self-exposure can feel overwhelming. Knowing how to navigate it well—while staying authentic—is challenging.

I know that a lot of people start their journey with "I need a website", I've crafted a short guide to help you navigate questions such as:

  • Who should I hire?

  • What makes a good website?

  • How will I know when I'm done?

A Brief Field Guide to the World of Web Design gives you some signposts to help you chart your journey, and a few simple worksheets to get you started:


A Brief Field Guide to 
the World of Web Design 
(& Beyond)

Get it HERE:

Selected Current & Past Clients

  • SunGeometry, solar startup
  • OLU8 Media, filmmkaer specializing in supporting black youth
  • COCAP, just economics conference
  • Spaceship Media, dialogue journalism
  • CoWorking with Wisdom, Tibetan Buddhist coworking
  • CapraCourse, online course by renowned teacher Fritjof Capra
  • NextSpace, coworking space
  • Sarah Lawrence Law, local law firm specializing in community support
  • Green Marketing Blog, marketing for green industry
  • Tungs Points, acupuncture trainer/author
  • Dr Paul Ofili, chiropractor & teacher
  • Oily Wells, fossil fuel divestment campaign
  • Alliance for Community Development, entrepreneur support
  • Piikup, reentry job training
  • Black History Every Day, Alexa project
  • CodeWalker Institute, supporting diverse communities in coding
  • DeColonial Bizness World, revolutionary business learning
  • IIIJ Foundation, alternatives in work
  • Impact Hub Oakland, social impact coworking
  • Indiginize the Bay, native rights organization
  • Jubilee Partners, reinventing philanthropy
  • Mary Scheib, somatic healer
  • Mi HIstoria, Latin American history project
  • Paragon Philanthropy, international giving consultant
  • Sean Feit Oakes, yoga history & Buddhist studies teacher
  • SPARK! for Community, diversity & inclusion game
  • ROOTS2020, South African band supporting African unity
  • Elevated Nutrition, community caterer
  • Keyring Consulting, strategic planning consultant for nonprofit leaders (coming soon)
  • Todd Erickson, collaboration artist (coming soon)
  • Aim High, Realtor Post-Education (coming soon)