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Solutions Consulting

My efficient and unique approach finds hidden value inside your business typically reserved for large corporations. Together, we uncover the most effective leverage points in your business, to save you time and money, and give your company the breathing room that I know you want as a small business owner.

Total Results Coaching

Working with you as a business owner, and also as a whole person, we craft strategy to get to the goal faster, even as we clarify the target. You get there faster, while enjoying the journey more.

Brand Strategy / Message

As a skilled copywriter and brand strategist, I work with you to craft the essence of your brand. What truly makes you special? What will help you stand out. As an AIWA-trained copywriter, I help you uncover the magic that is sitting there, but cannot be seen until uncovered!

Website Building & Design

As a long-term web designer, information designer, and WordPress programmer for small businesses, I craft for you the thing you really want and need. We work in a connected way, to uncover the clear brand message and build something you can grow with over time.



Shaka Jamal

“Chris helped me create an actual space where I can start manifesting the type of clients that I want to work with. I’ve had a tremendous amount of insight.”

Kelly Milliken
Wellness Consultant

“Chris was so helpful! I got exactly what I needed.”

Jeremy Hay
Spaceship Media

“Chris rescued us when we were in a bad jam, and he did it with compassion and consummate ease.”

Akilah "Kiki" Monifa

“Chris helped me think long term too rather than just a quick solution.”

Rachel Rosen
Spark 4 Humanity

“Working with Chris has been such a tremendous experience. To go from  a vision in my head to an online platform that holds that vision and makes it real is such a gift. Thank you!”