Solo Coaches, Healers, and Personal Service Providers:

You Don't Have to Do It All Alone.

I can help you untangle the “ball of yarn” that is doing everything yourself.

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If you're like most highly independent coaches, healers, or other providers of personal services...

  • You went out on your own because you wanted freedom
  • You can do "everything"
  • But... if you are not careful... that is what you end up having to do!

The dilemma is, if we are not careful, we end up having to do everything, all the time...

Do You Find Yourself:

  • Lacking clear systems and processes to feel streamlined and efficient?
  • Not always 100% sure which piece of the puzzle to tackle next?
  • Feeling like you'd love to start delegating... but lack either time and/or resources to get started?
  • Not sure how to create a truly reliable client-creation system, so you end up in feast-or-famine mode?

These challenges are very common!

We go into business for ourselves to create freedom... but then we can find ourselves caught in the "web" of our own freedom... a "tangled ball of yarn"... and unsure how to untangle it, all by ourselves.

If this is the situation you find yourself in... maybe I can help.

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I know what it's like to feel all alone, overwhelmed, and having a hard time sorting out what to do next.

I specialize in focused business strategy for solo-preneurs who want to get out of the "ball of yarn".

I help you know which "string" to pull on first... and then which one to do next... until the entire thread of your business makes sense again.

I am an Ally for the Success of
Your Purpose-Driven Business

My speciality is in helping you find the strongest leverage points in your business to push on first.

I combine my twenty years of experience and practice with marketing, branding, and general business knowledge...

...With a deep, heartfelt intuition...

To "feel into" and target the right places to work first, with a focus on a few key, powerful concepts:

Any rod, or bar, which is used in lifting a weight, or surmounting a resistance, by being placed on a fulcrum, becomes a lever, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration.

Progressive Delegation

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As solo business owners, we often find ourselves in a dilemma: "I want to begin to scale, to delegate — but how do I get started?" We may feel we have to hire someone, but do not have the funds yet to get started... or, the time. Or, we may want to hire a part-time VA, but still find that task a little daunting. Through Progressive Delegation, I work with you to turn this transition into a gradual, manageable task — helping you find and hire the right person to get started... even for as little as a few hours a month... In this process, you get the experience of handing off parts of your responsibilities (which is typically challenging for the solo business owner to do).

Integrated Marketing

Sustainable development goals valid in future modern industry. Renewable energy-based green businesses can limit climate change and global warming.

We can often feel like we are going "two steps forward, one step back". I work with you to create integrated business systems — including integrated marketing — that ensures that you have processes, that take advantage of your strongest talents, and don't waste energy.

We are often introduced to many marketing tactics in isolation, and try them each — for a little while. Or are generally unsure of how they relate to each other (or, to what we really love to do). By helping you integrate these into a coherent whole, the effects of each action are multiplied exponentially.

The Power of Subtraction

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The most efficient task is one that does not need to be done at all. We can let go of what does not serve us.

Our modern world constantly invites us to do more. We can easily become addicted to the flurry of events that come into our world, without a clear plan of how they help us, really.

I work with you to see clearly what can be removed from your tasks, your work. Unaligned marketing or business tasks; unfocused customer acquisition; unclear business goals — all of these can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and unproductive.

With every action that I help you eliminate, greater focus arises. Greater clarity. Greater calm. This space allows you to work on the business — not just in the business. This will help you create a flywheel that lets you grow into the fullness of prosperity and impact that you want to have.

Complementary "Untangle the Yarn" Consultation

I am happy to speak with you — free of charge — with no selling of any kind — to help you get some more clarity and insights into your particular situation regarding any stuck places you may have.

If nothing else, you will walk away with a greater sense of how to move forward with more freedom and ease.

  • Get clarity on your key block areas
  • Identify channels towards disentangling unnecessary actions
  • Create a roadmap towards greater time and energy freedom


Shaka Jamal

“Chris helped me create an actual space where I can start manifesting the type of clients that I want to work with. I’ve had a tremendous amount of insight.”

Kelly Milliken
Wellness Consultant

"I literally told people — 'I'm so grateful to work with Chris, because I would have never thought about this and I never would have actually showed up without his support.' What a cool niche that I never even knew existed like — no one knew, no one knew about this, except the people already doing it. It's like — yeah, it's just really cool."

Jeremy Hay
Spaceship Media

“Chris rescued us when we were in a bad jam, and he did it with compassion and consummate ease.”

Akilah "Kiki" Monifa

“Chris helped me think long term too rather than just a quick solution.”

Rachel Rosen
Spark 4 Humanity

“Working with Chris has been such a tremendous experience. To go from  a vision in my head to an online platform that holds that vision and makes it real is such a gift. Thank you!”