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Save Your Data!

I have seen too many clients’ sites get hacked over the years, and the problem is only getting worse. I want to offer you a relatively affordable way of keeping abreast of your basic WordPress maintenance issues, as I know a lot of you might not get to them as often as you’d like. Here’s what you’ll get with this service.

This is a personal service that I am offering my customers because I have seen too many people get hacked or otherwise lose valuable site data. It is a comparable price to similar products on the market, but with the added advantage of the human touch—you know me! And I can keep you informed about options, issues, ec., and recommend solutions immediately.

Avoid a horror story

If you want to hear an interesting horror story about a client who lost $11,000 in business by getting their site hacked, watch this:

What is included

  • Daily cloud backups for data, and weekly file backups
  • Redundant secondary backups, in the same schedule (it is wise to have a second backup!)
  • Site security scans
  • Virus vulnerability scans
  • Site uptime monitoring to guard against crashes or other issues
  • Safe updates of the WordPress core and plugin code 2x / month

Monthly reporting

Along with regular monitoring and updates, I will send you a customized report, including

  • Monthly analytics from site visitors
  • All the work performed
  • Any other relevant status updates

I hope it is clear how this service could end up saving you a lot in the long run.

If you have multiple sites

The price listed here is for a single site. Please contact me for a volume discount if you want me to manage multiple sites.

Please contact me if you have any questions! Otherwise, feel free to order via the shopping cart!

—Chris Burbridge