Would you like some help navigating the oh-so-confusing world of websites?

I’ve been helping folks like you with that for over a decade.

Let’s focus on communication first.

I know, your biggest desire is to have someone help you navigate the technology, because that’s the most foreign element—the one where you might feel the most at sea.


But my years of working with values-focused, heart-centered businesses like yours have taught me that it's really best (for 100 reasons) to start with focus and meaning, so that you can spend your money and time wisely. That is what I will help you do, with honesty and sincerity.

And that’s why I’m creating programs that help guide people through this process gently and affordably.

I create programs and coaching that help you navigate the turbulent waters of online communication, so you can focus on what you’re really here for.

Communications coaching that will improve your website, elevator pitch, and program.

Website design and support that keeps you in the picture (because it’s essential to your success).

Structure, support, and community to help keep you moving...

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Yes, I will help you with your WordPress

I've been doing this for 13+ years. But maybe SquareSpace or Tilda or Shopify (or something else) is better for you? Let me help you figure that out!

Structure, support, and community to help keep you moving...

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I have years of experience, and am happy to help you with that as well (though all comes from meaning...)

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Critical path analysis for solopreneurs

By Chris | April 2, 2017

This observation is a clarification for myself, of something I have noticed—and must remind myself. As is often the case, I have not seen it mentioned elsewhere. The point of this is: survival. The continual analysis and refocusing to increase chances of entrepreneurial survival. Although you will tend to think there is something else you…

Pursuing Relevant Replication

By Chris | March 29, 2017

If you are a certain sort of person, with certain sorts of exposure to the idea of creating “passive income” or freeing yourself from the possible poverty of running a coaching business, or freelance business, or therapy business one client at a time, you have probably come across the idea that you can create online…

Considerations when creating an online course or membership site

By Chris | March 20, 2017

This is a video I made to summarize the basic considerations when you want to create a membership or “courseware” site using WordPress. The key here is this:

* Almost nobody will tell you about most of this

That’s kind of funny, right? But it’s true. In the real world, there are a series of major considerations I have come across in the real world. Planning for them may save you a lot of frustration later on.

A guide to delegating

By Chris | March 19, 2017

Delegating is hard; yet it is the crossover point in your business, between being having to “wear all hats” (no matter how poorly they fit), and starting to take the freedom of doing what you are good at, and letting others do other parts of the work. Here is a highly distilled, step-by-step practical guide on how to delegate effectively.

Phones for minimalism

By Chris | March 18, 2017

This is a beautiful movement. As we become more and more aware that more is not always better, people have begun to innovate in the other direction, by asking: How can we do less? As all productivity folks (or, spiritual teachers) have pointed out, our attention is a critical resource. The mind’s temptation to expend attention everywhere only dissipates…

The advantages of billing hourly / Make sure you track your effective rate

By rwfl | June 21, 2016

Many blogs and books advise freelancers to bill by a flat fee, so they can sell value versus selling their time. That sounds great. But there is one significant problem with this: The moment you charge a flat fee, you have to be sure you’re not making less than you would be making charging by the…

All Horses Are Red: WordPress CSS for Everyone

By Chris | May 25, 2013

    CSS is the formatting language of the web. If it’s mysterious to you, it needn’t be! No longer do you have to be beholdin’ to the whims of web developers—learn what this CSS thing is all about, and how YOU can apply it with simple techniques that can transform the look of your…

Brilliant cartoon about mental models

By Chris | April 24, 2012

I love this! He’s managed to encapsulate an important (and oft-ignored) truth about design, in such a way that it will be accessible to everyone: http://uxdesign.smashingmagazine.com/2012/04/23/mental-model-diagrams-cartoon/ Here is another one he did about personas (again—important idea, hard to explain and sell to your team): http://thinkvitamin.com/design/how-to-understand-your-users-with-personas/ I’m thinking this is really a key—cartoons. Encapsulate everything easily Make it…

Who Makes Up for Ambiguity in Client Agreements?

By Chris | May 29, 2010

Photo credit: CowCopTim When your idea of what the agreement was, and your client’s idea of what the agreement was, differ, how does that get resolved? [Disclaimier: This scenario is a montage of experiences, and does not represent any one client.] An unsophisticated client generally sees their website project in vague, feeling terms–something that will…

When You See Untapped Potential, by Definition You Have an Unpopular Idea (Don't Seek Approval)

By Chris | May 10, 2010

These are from some notes I made while reading Blue Ocean Strategy. So, they have a bit of the feel of notes, but are interesting. Reading about innovation in Blue Ocean Strategy. It’s a great book (with a lot of business-y jargon), all about finding untapped markets, how to go about it, and how to seize…