The Flowtime Technique

This week I discovered the Flowtime Techique, something invented by someone who wanted to tweak the Pomodoro Technique (which I have used on and off for years). Pomodoro has always been helpful at different moments when I just needed to focus. But then, it can start to feel like you are regimenting your life and timer so much that you lose a sense of… flow. Hence, Flowtime.

What I found was that it gave me a great sense of permission to be in flow, and actually my sense of time was much more expansive—and yet, I felt like I got a lot done. Using Pomodoro on Monday, I felt like I was so rigid to its box structure that I really didn’t have a flow, and wondered where my day had gone. So starting Tuesday when I used Flowtime, it was really different. A big win.

Here it is: