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I am really hoping to talk about contracts and agreements at Freelance Camp tomorrow, particularly regarding topics about small clients.

As an attachment for that, here is a gener-ified version of my Functional Spec Template.

I could say a lot about it, but it’s very late and I have to get up very early to get there tomorrow. In short, I fill this out, and it helps me immensely.

Then, I add a slightly amended version of this contract by Andy Clarke, and turn the spec into Appendix A of the contract, and it becomes a complete contract / spec / proposal.

[Added: ] Here is my version of Andy Clarke’s contract–basically, just formatted as an RTF file. Follow the instructions–change the blue highlighting once, to change it from my branding to your branding. Keep that copy, and change the yellow highlighting every time you need to create a new copy (thanks to Eric of Cosmic Design Co. for that idea.): Contract blank, formatted

Note: I claim absolutely no knowledge of whether this legally applies in your zone. The main purpose for me–at this point–is to have a document that formalizes the terms of our agreement.

And of course, another part of this, is to never do work of more than a few hours without such an agreement! (That is, unless you enjoy suffering.)

I added the force majeure part “for fun”, when I found it on a website.


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