Rundown of Web Design things Designers Might Not Think Of

Here’s a simple list of things that a designer should think about when designing a website comp, but my not consider. If you find some way to indicate your choices for these things in the comp, it makes it much easier for the coder (e.g., me) to work with and know exactly what you need.
There are also some great links in this list, to good and inspiring example sites.

Some later time, I would like to expand on all of these.

Please add any questions in the comments, or other things you’d like me to cover on this topic.

  • Links—general. Use underline or no, other indicator such as dotted underline, alternate color underline, background color, etc.
  • Links—hover. Color change, or other change of state, from items above.
  • Links—active (the mouse button is currently down, clicking the link). If desired.
  • Links—visited. Color, behavior, etc., if desired. (An excellent set of ideas using CSS for this is here.)
  • HTML elements. Some of the less common ones are: address, blockquote, abbreviation, acronym, citation, code, deleted text, heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, heading 4, heading 5, heading 6, keyboard text, term / definition pairs, bulleted list, numbered list, tables (table header, normal table cell). Indented lists, 1 level, 2 level.
  • Forms. How do you want forms to look? Here is one good example post.
  • Fade-in/fade-out hover effects. Here is another compendium of wonderful jQuery effects that you could use or know about. Here is a more advanced and varied list of jQuery options and ideas, for navigation, forms, etc. Here is another one.
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