Resolution-Specific Stylesheets

Chris Coyer of CSS Tricks has an article about resolution-specific stylesheets (here). I think this is a duh moment for me, when I saw this–that is, of course this is a great idea!

The basic concept is, design different stylesheets for different browser sizes: large screens, smaller screens, and mobile screens.

Chris’ article is rather short and to the point. I suspect that more and more people will be talking about this as time goes on. Of course, with liquid layouts, you can accomplish a lot of this, but this technique gives you absolute control in terms of being able to take advantage of the different sizes people have. There are, for example, different choices that you might make as a designer if you knew that you had 1900 pixels to work with, than if you only had 960 pixels to work with.

When I explain to designers that they have to work within a 960-pixel active area, they kind of get it, but I know they’d rather be able to work with everything that was there, and make choices accordingly. I think they would kind of love this, once they got used to it!

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