Would you like some help navigating the oh-so-confusing world of websites?

I’ve been helping folks like you with that for over a decade.

Let’s focus on communication first.

I know, your biggest desire is to have someone help you navigate the technology, because that’s the most foreign element—the one where you might feel the most at sea.


But my years of working with values-focused, heart-centered businesses like yours have taught me that it's really best (for 100 reasons) to start with focus and meaning, so that you can spend your money and time wisely. That is what I will help you do, with honesty and sincerity.

And that’s why I’m creating programs that help guide people through this process gently and affordably.

I create programs and coaching that help you navigate the turbulent waters of online communication, so you can focus on what you’re really here for.

Communications coaching that will improve your website, elevator pitch, and program.

Website design and support that keeps you in the picture (because it’s essential to your success).

Structure, support, and community to help keep you moving...

Stuff I can do for you

Yes, I will help you with your WordPress

I've been doing this for 13+ years. But maybe SquareSpace or Tilda or Shopify (or something else) is better for you? Let me help you figure that out!

Structure, support, and community to help keep you moving...

Yep, I can help your pages look more beautiful

I have years of experience, and am happy to help you with that as well (though all comes from meaning...)

Would you like to get in touch?

I’d love to connect with you, and see how I might be of help!

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A new business is a new system, Part III

By Chris | May 9, 2010

Photo credit: TANAKA Juuyoh (????) To be successful a business needs to contain certain qualities. (In place of business, you could substitute any system you want to create that has to interact with other systems.) In living systems terms, these qualities would be called sub-systems, or in the terms of Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language,…

A new business is a new system, Part II

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Photo credit: Digital Sextant The important thing The important thing, is that the idea you have, of the business (or something else) you could create, could quite possibly be a great thing. An amazing thing. A wonderful thing, that could bring you happiness. Or, creative fulfillment. Or, money. Or, fame, or whatever. And it could…

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When you start thinking in systems terms, your thinking becomes kind of non-linear, and sometimes it’s hard to “just get to the point.” It’s like the difference between a bulleted list and a mind map. But once you weave together all these ideas, you end up with very new and interesting ideas, that change how…

BillABLE Hours Versus BILLED Hours

By Chris | May 4, 2010

photo credit: Stefano Mazzone I have become poignantly aware that there is a difference between logging billed hours, and billable hours. I have been looking at how much I work, and how much money I make. If providing a service, there’s some relation between time spent, and money earned. (Even if you’re churning out widgets, there’s some…

Totally Inspiring Video by Barbara Marx Hubbard

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