Would you like some help navigating the oh-so-confusing world of websites?

I’ve been helping folks like you with that for over a decade.

Let’s focus on communication first.

I know, your biggest desire is to have someone help you navigate the technology, because that’s the most foreign element—the one where you might feel the most at sea.


But my years of working with values-focused, heart-centered businesses like yours have taught me that it's really best (for 100 reasons) to start with focus and meaning, so that you can spend your money and time wisely. That is what I will help you do, with honesty and sincerity.

And that’s why I’m creating programs that help guide people through this process gently and affordably.

I create programs and coaching that help you navigate the turbulent waters of online communication, so you can focus on what you’re really here for.

Communications coaching that will improve your website, elevator pitch, and program.

Website design and support that keeps you in the picture (because it’s essential to your success).

Structure, support, and community to help keep you moving...

Stuff I can do for you

Yes, I will help you with your WordPress

I've been doing this for 13+ years. But maybe SquareSpace or Tilda or Shopify (or something else) is better for you? Let me help you figure that out!

Structure, support, and community to help keep you moving...

Yep, I can help your pages look more beautiful

I have years of experience, and am happy to help you with that as well (though all comes from meaning...)

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A Thought Leadership Community Pilot

By Chris | August 28, 2017

Creating a Structure to Nurture and Share Our Work

By Chris | August 19, 2017

Where the moon has come out

By Chris | August 12, 2017

We have walked away from the dinner table where they were all talking about all the terrible things you had to do just to survive. In the back yard, we have started a small bonfire, and begun to sing songs around it, as the crickets chirp, and the moon comes out.

A Nearly Coherent System is Completely Non-Functional

By Chris | August 12, 2017

A discussion of partial systems, versus whole systems, that applies to just about anything. Has important implications for how we design things.

Thoughts on Expert Systems

By Chris | August 12, 2017

Thoughts on the advantages of expert systems. Optimal wetware/software interfaces, but with learning curves. Problems with learning (you become estranged from the hardness for naive users, but at the same time, you become very fast).

Felt Upper And Lower Bounds As A Way Of Setting Sliding Scale

By Chris | August 10, 2017

Thoughts in a felt way to set a sliding scale, based on feel. Finding a middle ground between a pure capitalist “we each try to just get the most we possibly can” mindset, and some sort of limiting poverty viewpoint that constrains our freedom and movement.

A 5-D Paradigm for Making Websites That Matter

By Chris | August 10, 2017


Don’t Be an Uninformed Website Consumer

By Chris | July 12, 2017

More Prototyping and Iteration Teachings

By Chris | July 9, 2017

I before here about the power of iteration and rapid prototyping (rather than just working super hard on stuff and hoping people will like it). Here are a few more references to this topic that I have found super valuable.

The Psychology of Denial: How People Wrestle with Climate Change

By Chris | July 9, 2017

I was meeting with my very clever friend Mira Michelle yesterday, and we were discussing the psychology of coming to terms with something as big and abstract as climate change. I have always been very fascinated with this. And while I don’t have a lot of time to go deep into the subject—and it may…