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Tuesday, April 7 @ 12 noon PDT

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We’ve all been hit with a tsunami of economic change and hardship right now. Some freelancers are struggling to even stay afloat, and lots of small businesses have had to close up shop for the moment. In this climate, it can be easy to feel hopeless and anxious.

But through this crisis, I’ve been asking myself:

  • How can we use this as an opportunity?
  • What did people do during the Depression, or WWII?
  • How do people survive during times of great crisis?

Having spent years helping small businesses (and consultants) think creatively, spot opportunity, and seize on that opportunity, I’ve put together a formula that can help you construct a compelling offer for your customers or clients—something so enticing that they really can’t help but be curious, inspired, and hungry to buy.

“How do you do this, when everyone is getting scared about money, and wanting to cut back,” you might ask. The answer is: By helping them survive and thrive.

Over the past three weeks, I’ve sort of scoured the world to see what’s been working, and I’ve compiled what I saw, into a 5-step offer generation formula. If applied thoughtfully and creatively, these five pieces (EMPATHY, TONE, GENEROSITY, COMMUNITY, and IMMEDIACY) will help you craft that just-right compelling offer, that could make an otherwise anxious, fearful buyer, hungry to “pull your offer off the shelf,” even if she or he is making very few purchases.

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Tuesday, April 7 @ 12 noon PDT

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This requires a degree of creativity and problem solving! But I believe that if applied properly, these steps really can hold the potential to help keep a lot of businesses afloat in trouble times—while providing good in the world.

I promise that you’ll come away from this hour with some good and inspiring ideas about how to make your business more resilient during these hard times!

—Chris Burbridge