How to add a new blog to a MediaTemple installation of WordPress mu

This is a shorthand version of things, for my notes.

This is for when you have one master domain and master WP MU blog, but you also want other sub-blogs, which are mapped to normal (non-sub-) domains.

  1. Install WordPress mu
  2. Install the Domain Mapping plugin (
  3. In the main MediaTemple area (when you login), click Add a Domain, and add the domain
  4. Go into the Master Admin area for WP MU; in there, create the new blog
  5. Under Domain Mapping, add the new domain–important–before you do so, switch to the backend for that particular domain
  6. Go into Plesk, and edit the master domain under which all of the mapped domains are living, and add a Domain Alias, of the new domain you want associated with the parent domain

If you need to know more about this, add a comment, and I will see if I can help. This is a distillation of approximately 20 hours of discovery time.

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