How I add notes to my FaceBook page

I have a pretty popular FaceBook page, Discover Avatar Now.  It  is for a very wonderful amazing course that I help to teach, and practice, called Avatar®. Since I feel quite successful in terms of how I have formatted the long posts on there (called “Notes”), I thought I may as well make this into a blog post to describe how I do it.

The example I will use is my most recent article, The Biggest Avatar Course in the World, Part II (I must put some more stuff up there—it has been a while!).

Here is, roughly, what it looks like:

(Of  course, if you were not logged in as an admin for the page, you would not see the Edit or Delete links.)

Setting up the images

A big piece for me about making these posts look pretty was about getting the images right.

As you can see, it is possible to arrange images in the note to be wrapped in the copy to the left, to the right, and also, you can have them on their own either full sized, or smaller and centered.

After you have created a new note, and you are ready to add an image, you upload the image with this box:


When you do, it will add it to the list of photos for this note, in a box like this:

You will notice that there are 4 layout options. In the example here, I used either the “Left” or “Right” options. How these are set for each photo will help determine how they are laid out on the page, in relation to the text.

There is just one more thing to think about in terms of how the photos relate to the text. Once you have uploaded the photos, and selected one of the Layout options, you will need to decide how you actually want to place them in the text. Here is an example of how that works:

You will notice that the <Photo 1> “tag” is inserted  here, just before the text it is meant to appear with. You will also notice that, back in the Photos box for the same photo, we saw that same “tag” or “code”, <Photo 1>, at the top of the box.

If you want a photo to appear to the right of a paragraph, you would still do the same thing—you would put the appropriate <Photo … tag just before the paragraph you wanted the photo to line up with; it’s just that under the Photo box for that photo, you would choose the Right option.

I am not 100% as familiar with the Full and Center layout options, but I think what you would do here is just put the tag on its own line.

Adding some formatting

FaceBook notes will allow you some basic formatting, using HTML codes.  (The full list of allowed codes is here.) But basically, you would have:

  • <b>bold</b> for bold
  • <i>italics</i> for italics
  • &mdash; for an em dash
  • <a href=””>hyperlink</a> for hyperlinks
  • <ul><li> … </li></ul> for bulleted lists

I found it helpful to use the <b> tag to bold certain key sentences in the paragraphs, to make it a bit easier to scan. (Also, I break the copy up into very short paragraphs, which are easier to read online.)

I also found the <small> tag useful at the bottom of the note, to add the copyright notices that are required for me to add.

Now, you can Preview  your note as many times as you need to, until it looks like you want it to.

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