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A new business is a new system, Part I

By Chris / May 8, 2010 /

When you start thinking in systems terms, your thinking becomes kind of non-linear, and sometimes it’s hard to “just get to the point.” It’s like the difference between a bulleted list and a mind map. But once you weave together all these ideas, you end up with very new and interesting ideas, that change how…

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BillABLE Hours Versus BILLED Hours

By Chris / May 4, 2010 /

photo credit: Stefano Mazzone I have become poignantly aware that there is a difference between logging billed hours, and billable hours. I have been looking at how much I work, and how much money I make. If providing a service, there’s some relation between time spent, and money earned. (Even if you’re churning out widgets, there’s some…

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Totally Inspiring Video by Barbara Marx Hubbard

By Chris / April 25, 2010 /


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