A summary of cool online collaboration tools from the past 6 months

Thinkature: Real Time Collaboration for the Web

“Talk with your hands

  • Chat inside a visual workspace (now with voice chat!)
  • Collaborate in real-time”

Like, a collaborative diagram and comment project space. Sounds flexible.


For sharing mostly design prototypes, I think. Like, if you want to share design comps with clients, and get feedback, easily, and all in one place.

Free trial, with credit card.


Very similar idea to ProtoShare, I think. Looks good.

Free trial without credit card.


“In many ways, Colaab is similar to other collaboration apps like Convos or Basecamp. There is an online workspace that all the team members working on a specific project can access. You can upload documents to the workspace for everyone to view and critique, and you can communicate with your teammates by leaving comments or by using the instant messaging/chat system.”


“Online discussion groups for emailing and sharing”.

Looks akin to tgethr and Threadbox. But also a little bit like Ning—for groups to share photos, messages, etc. Interesting alternative to, say, Google Groups. Maybe also for work collaboration.


Kind of a classic document  / collaboration wiki from 37 Signals.


This is a really cool thing, because it is so simple: It lets you upload images for free that  you can then post and allow other people to write on, comment on, etc.

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