A framework for your week review

week review

I spontaneously made this as a tool for my own week review. I am finding it extremely supportive to take a full-spectrum look at my life each week (on a Sunday, for example). I will take a walk, and turn off all inputs. As I review my life, a bigger picture begins to emerge.

What has reminded me to take this “deep think” time of late is the book The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker, who emphasized the criticality of making large chunks available for this quality of “slow” thinking. When we are in reacting, fast-doing mode, we really don’t have the ability to see the 10,000 foot view. It’s the very kind of thinking that I love in my favorite authors, like Derek Sivers or Seth Godin.

This format is particularly geared to solo-preneurs, who need to maintain a continual focus on managing current work, as well as generating the next work.Paragraph

Here is the format. Please let me know if it’s helpful.

Next Step:

Transfer action items into days of the coming week, so that they become executable and trackable.