80 Active Plugins—No Problem! (Bring 'em on.)

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Brian Krogsgard (@krogsgard):

Are more plugins a bad thing? Versus fewer plugins?

Pippin Williamson (@pippinsplugins):

No—not at all! I run about 80 plugins on each of my sites.

Brian Krogsgard:

It’s a common myth, in the community, though.

Pippin Williamson:

Absolutely. My sites are my livelihood. 80 plugins doesn’t bother me a bit—as long as you know that the plugins are good.

There really is nothing wrong with a lot of plugins. I know personally, that Matt Mullenweg’s site runs 80 or 90 plugins. As long as your plugins are built well, and used for their specific purpose—most of the time you’re not going to run into problems.


Ha ha ha ha!

I thought so.