WPEngine Turns off Revisions (Heads-Up)

high wire 2Creative Commons License Graeme Maclean via Compfight

WP Engine is wonderful. But I have a peeve that they turn off post revisions (http://support.wpengine.com/i-noticed-revisions-are-disabled-why-and-how-do-i-enable-them/). They say it is a performance issue. This may well be so.


  • Post revisions can save your ass.
  • They don’t warn people, so you can be taken by surprise by this (… and, more than once I’m afraid, if you are used to the other way).

You guys—if you are cacheing everything, is it really that big a deal? I don’t know.

They set WP_POST_REVISIONS to FALSE in the wp-config.php file. A “compromise,” is to set it like this: